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  • Kei Ito Artist Book: Front Cover
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  • Kei Ito Artist Book: An inside look
  • Kei Ito Artist Book: An inside look
  • Kei Ito Artist Book: An inside look
  • Kei Ito Artist Book: An inside look
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Artist Book - Kei Ito: Staring at the Face of the Sun

This book is still in production and will be available to ship in October 2024.

Pre-order now to receive a limited edition signed copy! 


This autographed artist book "Kei Ito: Staring at the Face of the Sun" is published by Snap Collective in Denmark, recording the exhibition held at the Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, from January 27 to July 14, 2024.


This book and exhibition delve into the career of Japanese American artist Kei Ito, exploring themes of memory, history, and resilience. Drawing from his heritage as a third-generation hibakusha (atomic bomb victim), Ito uses innovative photographic techniques to address the hidden narratives of nuclear history and intergenerational trauma. Within these personal and hidden contexts, Ito bridges the divide between the US and Japan; challenging the definition of who nuclear victims are to include Downwinders and many more. 


The exhibition spans five rooms, each offering a unique perspective on the impact of nuclear weaponry and the spirit of those affected. Ito’s work, such as the camera-less photography in Sungazing Scroll, reveals the invisible forces of radiation and life, creating a visual language that speaks to both trauma and healing. By excavating and unveiling hidden histories connected to his own, Ito utilizes his generational past as a case study for reckoning with contemporary and future events. 


Kei Ito’s art invites viewers to reconsider the victims and survivors of nuclear events, emphasizing our shared human experience and the possibility of reconciliation. This artist book captures the exhibition’s journey from darkness to light, reflecting on resilience and the enduring impact of nuclear legacies.

  • This hardcover edition features full-color content across 192 pages, printed on satin paper in Germany. It is formatted in A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm / 8.3 x 11.7 inches) and bound with thread stitching.


    Shipped only within the US. All international orders should be through Snap Collective's website

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